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Fun With Music Makes Music Fun


We Bring the Music to You

Fun With Music is a company that specializes in quality musical instruction for children and adults. We provide instruction in several instruments, such as piano, violin, viola, guitar, flute, saxophone, voice, and drums. Fun With Music offers its students excellent programs that not only strengthen the students’ artistry, but also enhance their music experience. We offer classes in music theory, music literature, along with intensified instrumental classes.


Fun With Music
104 Steeple Drive Unit E
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Sofia Gorodetskaya at (847) 541-5104, or

Eight Reasons To Choose Fun With Music

1. Highly professional and carefully selected faculty.

2. Individually tailored and specialized programs for each student.

3. Chance to experience different styles of music, such as classical, folk, jazz, and pop.

4. An opportunity to perform on stage 4 times a year.

5. Lessons consisting of 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

6. We come to your home.

7. Free Consultation.

8. Programs for all ages.


"I had wanted to learn to play the piano all my life. Fun With Music and Sofia Gorodetskaya are helping me realize this dream. Classical, folk, rock, "power-pop"--it doesn't matter; Sofia teaches it all. Now I can play many of the songs I have always loved, and have written nine new songs myself."
Henry H. Perritt, Jr.
Professor of Law and former Dean
Chicago-Kent College of Law

“ A program like Fun With Music is a great tool for improving students’ music skills and schoolwork as well.”
Jane Thomas
Elementary School Teacher

“Fun With Music helped me so much! I was able to learn skills that will help me become a better musician.”
Amra Coralic
University of Chicago